Fondust – Rich Neon Colors & Colorants – Various Colors





FONDUST™ is a hybrid food color specially designed to release even with extra low moisture food products.


100% Edible

**Powder colors do not depict product color result–once added to product it will grab its true color.

**The powder color can be mixed with lemon juice or clear alcohol for airbrush use!

**FDA and Health Canada standards for food coloring!

Knead up to 3 grams per 2lbs of fondant to get the maximum color hue!

FONDUST™ does NOT add bitter taste (whatever amount added)!

FONDUST™ does NOT stain fingers (dry!).

FONDUST™ DOES allow super dark colors black, vibrant orange, neon green, bright pink and vivid violet.

FONDUST™ will color fondant, gumpaste, marzipan, royal icing, buttercream, cake batter, macarons, piping gel, candy, pulled and blown sugar, etc….but NOT chocolate.

FONDUST™ RESISTS color fading!

FONDUST™ can REPLACE gel color, paste color, candy color, liquid color for sugar, color for macarons, etc.

FONDUST™ contains no acid or preservative.

WARNING: When food color is exposed to acid with PHs below 5, colors may become unstable, making them fade faster.

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Super Black, Neon Purple, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Red-Orange


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